Thursday, February 11, 2010

7 Years Ago Today….

Isn’t it kinrda funny how one split second can change your life forever!?!? Well, 7 years ago today my family’s life changed quite drastically.

As some of you may already know from some of my previous posts..7 years ago today my husband crushed his leg in a accident at work.

During these last 7 years (I guess I need to mention he was out of work for 6 of those 7 years due to his injury..) our family has experienced many different emotions. 

We have endured stress due to finances. My children have missed out on so many Father / Child experiences, especially our son. Just something as simple as playing catch in the yard, was extremely painful.  (Even though I have to admit that hubby is a real trooper. I have seen him sitting on a bucket with a cast on after one of his MANY surgeries, just to throw our son some pop-flies!! ) We have supported each other thru bouts of depression and lose of hope.

But worst of all my husband has had to endure so much pain. And with every surgery he still has found the strength to continue to hope this will be the last for a while. And his pain will be lessened.

So, in saying all of this..I ask the you all pray for him. Today..on the 7th Anniversary of the date of his accident, my husband got his 18th surgery!!!!!!! Which, BTW he did well with but YES, that was number 18!!!! Poor guy. Even though he is one though cookie, I know this takes a toll on him.

I just feel SO bad for him. Helpless if you will..

Anyway, if you all could say a prayer. I would GREATLY appreciate it!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥


The Old Cupboard Door said...

Yes, I will pray for you husband. I pray that this will be his last surgery and it will do what it was suppose to do. I will pray that God will heal his leg where the doctors can not help and I will pray that He continues to sustain you with hope and help. You've come a long way and you will make it through to the end of this. Look up and dare to believe.


The Brickhouse said...

I will keep your husband in my prayers.


Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

You and your husband are such strong troopers having to endure this for so long! I am glad he is doing well after this latest surgery and I will pray that this will be the last one he has to go thru. God is good and He will provide. Hang in there!

The Sacco's - Our Life said...

Yes - will be praying for continued healing and strength of body and mind.

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

Carrie I will keep you all in my prayers! GodBless your family and may He heal your husbands leg.~hugs~

Never So Simple said...

Most definitely! I hope he continues to do well and his pain gets better.


Anonymous said...

praying for you!

Nicolezmomma said...

Your husband is a lucky man to have someone like you to stick with him through thick and thin. My husband is like you, and has stuck with me and all my disabilities. It's life tests like this that show who is in it for the long haul.

The world is a better place with people like you in it.

I hope he feels better soon.