Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Craft Fairs, Goodwill and Gordmans Oh My!!....Part 2

On Sunday I posted about my first time adventures to the Goodwill. And how I seriously think I may have a new addiction!! I am not sure I even mentioned all of our findings. But I think we hit the jackpot!! We got "Muscles" a brand new pair of Columbia shorts for school (their high school has a dress code). I even got a pair of plaid Old Navy shorts. But the most exciting finds were these...

I know, I know...some of you that read my post Sunday are probably thinking you are having a dejavu. But I promise, I am getting the reason of this post!! LOL!! I don't really care for the bunny on the Spring decor, but it is only attached by a small hinge...so I think I may just remove him. But the main reason for this post is to pose a few questions regarding the other items to all of you....

1) I know I want to prim up the bowl and the cutting board. But being kind of new to the whole "crafting" thing, I want to make sure I have the process correct. Do I either start with a base coat of black (if I want black to show thru) then make the second layer the primary color, sand to make it look worn and then add stain? Then do I seal it with something? And if so, what do you all recommend? And what color do you think I should use to prim these pieces up?

2) I know I saw a post somewhere in blogland where a fellow blogger made-over a little shovel similar to the one I found. But now I can't find it for the life of me!! So if any of you have seen this as well...could you please help me and tell me where?

Thanks girls, in advance, for all of the help!! Your the best!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Craft Fairs, Goodwill and Gordmans Oh My!!

Yesterday, as "Big Daddy" and I were out running a few errands, at crack o' dawn, I might add. I noticed that our local Fairgrounds was hosting a Craft Fair this weekend. YOO HOO!! Right up my alley!! But with the mountain of laundry I needed to do yesterday, we figured today would be a better day to go.

So this morning, after throwing in another load of laundry (I know...I don't think it will EVER be caught up. But then again, in my defense, yesterday we also had a funeral to go to so I wasn't able to get all million loads finished. LOL!!)"Big Daddy" told me to get ready that he was taking me out for a "me" day. A day were we went and did want I wanted to do!! So off we went to the local Craft Fair where I got this...

Then it was on to our local Goodwill (BTW, as ashamed as I am to admit this, this was my VERY FIRST trip there or to any TS for the matter...and let me tell you girls, I am HOOKED!!)where I got this...

Then he took me to Gordman's...LOVE this store!! Where I got this...

Thanks again "Big Daddy" I think some "retail therapy" was EXACTLY what I needed!! ♥Love you♥

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Calling All Moms....

Calling all Moms, Calling all Moms...I need your help please!!

As Spring is fast approaching, and the weather is getting so nice that we all rather spend our weekends outside doing all the fun things that we all enjoy. Whether that be bike riding, camping, etc. I find myself STRESSING out over the ever so dreaded thing we all call chores.

You see, in the Winter...I don't mind so much being cooped up inside my warm and cozy house doing laundry or making a nice big pot of yummy chili. But as the weather gets warmer, I absolutely HATE spending my weekends cooking, cleaning and doing laundry.

So my question to all of you is what is your "routine"? Do you have a certain "chore list", if you will, that you all follow thru the week so that your weekends are free to what you like? What are your "tips" for being "Superwomen" and staying on top of it all!?!?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bunco Night!!

A few weeks ago, I went over to my friend Melissa's house and acted as a "sub" for our other friend's Bunco group. It's kind of a long story...but in hopes of trying to make a long story short (which you all know I am not very good at...LOL!!) our friend Julie has a new puppy at home so, Melissa offered to have it for Julie at her house. Hey, that was easier than I thought!! LOL!!

Anyway, I had such a good time!! So much in fact, that in the past few weeks, Melissa and I have since started up our own group. At first I was nervous that nobody would be interested but let me tell you, it has turned out to be a hit!! We are up to 18 regulars and 10 subs. CRAZY I know!!

So, on Saturday April 25, I will be hosting our FIRST Bunco night!! I have to admit I am both a little nervous and excited. I just hope I can fit that many card tables in our family room and that it turns out to be a hit. Nobody likes to throw a bad party!!

Since there are so many of us we each only have to host one month out of the year...maybe less!! And we all took a vote and we decided that the hostess for that month will be the one to provide all of the food vs. each player bringing a dish each time. That way, you only have to worry about preparing something whenever it is your month. But we did vote that each player brings their own drink of choice.

I am not sure what to make to eat though....whenever Melissa hosted it, her and Julie (since technically she was having it for her) went with a "Mexican" theme. They made both beef and chicken enchiladas, salsa, guacamole and chips and they even had the makings for margaritas.

What do you all think!?!?! Do you all think I should make a "dinner" type of meal. Maybe some lasagna, salad and garlic bread? Or should I just make various appetizers? Help!!!!

If any of you play Bunco and have any suggestions for food or even ideas to make the night (or the Bunco group for that matter) go smoothly please let me know!! I really want this to be a FUN night!! Especially since this was all my idea...I want it to be a hit!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A GREAT big hug!!

Hey girls!! Just wanted to write a quick post to tell all of THANK YOU!! And to give you each a "virtual hug". I swear parenting is the HARDEST job EVER!! But I am happy to reportr that "Miss Priss" IS going with us. "Big Daddy" are tired of all the drama and after reading all of your comments I know that I should of trusting my gut instinct and MADE her go...so that is exactly what we did. Like you all said, WE are the parents!! And if the worst thing we do is want to spend time with our daughter, than she has it pretty good!!

Anyway, the kids get out of school early and everything is packed up so we will be leaving shortly. So, I better go....but I will take pics. Thanks again for all of the help!! And Please pray that we don't kill one another before the weekend is over!! LOL!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Awww...it feels good to be back!!

Thanks girls for all of the ♥!! I seriously thought that I would of lost all of my "virtual friends" due to my lack of posting!! And gosh, how much I have missed all of you!! I hope all is well with you all!!I have to admit, the tests were a lot of my worry...so that was a huge relief getting the A-OK's!!

And Awww...George!! He was definitely a little sunshine in a cloudy day!! It was kinda crazy though, nobody had any idea that they were going to be taping in our building so as soon as the word got out, all heck broke lose!!! I swear every female in the building was down in the lobby. It was pure mayhem!!!

Anyway, I know that I just got back...but I will be gone for the next few days due to another one of the exciting things that has happen since my being away....


Yep, we finally found a camper!! We had been "looking" and "researching" for about a year. So, whenever we found this great deal...we took it!!

So, this weekend "Big Daddy", "Muscles" and myself are going on our first camping trip as owners of a "real" campers. No more tent city for this family!! Not that that is a bad thing...but for this family, we have never had any luck with the weather cooperating.

But as excited as we all are....it is kinda bittersweet. One of our other "issues" since my absence is our 17 YO daughter, "Miss Priss". She has been rebeling very badly lately. And she is totally against this camping trip. LONG story!! But today she basically told "Big Daddy" and myself that is we made her go on this trip she would move out. I KNOW!!!!! I couldn't believe it!! I am about at my wits end with that kid. I am SO confused!!! Do we stick to our gut insticts and follow thru with "tough love" and MAKE her go with us!?!?!? Or do we cave, and try some reversed phsychology and act like we don't care and hope that she will soon figure this out on her own?!?!?

Any advice welcome....because I am truly lost!!!!!!! UGGHHH teenagers!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Back With A Little Eye Candy!!! (AKA George Clooney!!)

OMGosh!!! Has it really been since March 2nd since my last post!?!? I am SO sorry. Like I said in my last post, just too much stress all at the same time. "Big Daddy and I had both had to get some test ran a few weeks back and it has been more than enough stress sitting and trying to wait patiently for the results. But I am glad to say...all is well!! THANK GOD!!!

But other than that, so much has been going on in the past few weeks....which I will soon post about. But I think the most exciting was a week or so ago when George Clooney was filming his upcoming movie 'Up In The Air' in mywork building!! I even have a pic to share...it isn't the best but cameras were not aloud. The even threathed to take away cell phones but I was able to get a shot from a second story window.

I had known their had been filming in the building acrossed the street for a few weeks. But we were all taken by surprised when they came to our lobby and a outdoor sitting area to film. I swear every woman in our building that day got NOTHING accomplished other than stalking George!!

So far all of your viewling pleasures....Oh BTW, they whole thing with the camera adding 10 lbs. must be true because he was much thinner in real life than I would of thought!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Missin' You Guys!!

Just wanted to stop by and tell you all that I miss all of my blog friends and that I am still around. Just having a couple stressful weeks. Hope to be back soon!!