Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Back With A Little Eye Candy!!! (AKA George Clooney!!)

OMGosh!!! Has it really been since March 2nd since my last post!?!? I am SO sorry. Like I said in my last post, just too much stress all at the same time. "Big Daddy and I had both had to get some test ran a few weeks back and it has been more than enough stress sitting and trying to wait patiently for the results. But I am glad to say...all is well!! THANK GOD!!!

But other than that, so much has been going on in the past few weeks....which I will soon post about. But I think the most exciting was a week or so ago when George Clooney was filming his upcoming movie 'Up In The Air' in mywork building!! I even have a pic to isn't the best but cameras were not aloud. The even threathed to take away cell phones but I was able to get a shot from a second story window.

I had known their had been filming in the building acrossed the street for a few weeks. But we were all taken by surprised when they came to our lobby and a outdoor sitting area to film. I swear every woman in our building that day got NOTHING accomplished other than stalking George!!

So far all of your viewling pleasures....Oh BTW, they whole thing with the camera adding 10 lbs. must be true because he was much thinner in real life than I would of thought!!


Carrie said...

wow that is so cool!

Pam said...

Wow, I wouldn't have gotten anything done either!

Scrapper Mom said...

Wowee. I'd take what I could get! lol.

April said...

Oh.My.Goodness! He is one mighty fine man, I'm telling ya! I can't believe you got an actual picture of lucky duck! So glad you're back, Carrie! Happy to hear that your tests came back fine! Enjoy your day!

CozyCoops Corner said...

Oh How exciting that you got to see him. I knew he was filming there. My mom wanted to go try out to be an extra and is so disappointed that she didn't get to go that day. Glad you got good news from your tests. Have a wonderful day Carrie!