Sunday, March 29, 2009

Craft Fairs, Goodwill and Gordmans Oh My!!

Yesterday, as "Big Daddy" and I were out running a few errands, at crack o' dawn, I might add. I noticed that our local Fairgrounds was hosting a Craft Fair this weekend. YOO HOO!! Right up my alley!! But with the mountain of laundry I needed to do yesterday, we figured today would be a better day to go.

So this morning, after throwing in another load of laundry (I know...I don't think it will EVER be caught up. But then again, in my defense, yesterday we also had a funeral to go to so I wasn't able to get all million loads finished. LOL!!)"Big Daddy" told me to get ready that he was taking me out for a "me" day. A day were we went and did want I wanted to do!! So off we went to the local Craft Fair where I got this...

Then it was on to our local Goodwill (BTW, as ashamed as I am to admit this, this was my VERY FIRST trip there or to any TS for the matter...and let me tell you girls, I am HOOKED!!)where I got this...

Then he took me to Gordman's...LOVE this store!! Where I got this...

Thanks again "Big Daddy" I think some "retail therapy" was EXACTLY what I needed!! ♥Love you♥


Leslie said...

Wow! You got a LOT of great stuff! Have you found homes for everything yet? Have any idea what colors you want to Prim up anything from the TS or are you leaving them alone. I love everything :)

Have a great night!


The Primitive Bucket said...

What great stuff you got... I'm tagging along next time, do you think "big daddy" would mind one more to haul around!!!???
Thanks for stopping by my's good to see everyone there!!!

This Country Girl said...

Your first time to GW and look at what all you found! That's great! I love it all!

Gordmans is my favorite store! I love that place!

I sure would love to find a good craft show around here. They just don't do them much anymore.

Love everything you got today and how nice of your hubby to take you out for the day!


Pam said...

You found a lot of cool stuff. I love those wire baskets.

CozyCoops Corner said...

Wow I love everything Carrie! Great GW finds! I really like that drawer with the jars on it~ so neat! When do you go on your Big Cedar trip? Have a great week!

April said...

Hi Carrie~
I would have to say that "Big Daddy" is a keeper! What great finds you have there! LUCKY! By the way, how was your camping trip? Hope everyone had an awesome time!

Shannon said...

You got some great things!! I love Gordmans too. :)

Carrie said...

Thanks for the sweet thoughts I really appreciate it!

You got some really good stuff!