Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Morning (more like evening) Ramblings

Gosh, I have been one BuSy BeE between last night and today. "Big Daddy" and I have pulled weeds, planted flowers, laid mulch, re-built our Koi pond and I even stuck to my word and started painting some of my Prim projects around here. I hope to have some "after" pictures by tomorrow evening. If I am still able to move my arms. LOL!!Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Are You Ready For The Weekend? I Know I Am!

Awww...I am SO Glad it's Friday!! It felt like this week was never going to get over. Why does it sometimes seem like your shorter weeks (I only had a 4 day work week this week) are the longer weeks mentally?

I am feeling good though, after work "Big Daddy", "Miss Priss" and myself ("Muscles" is spending the night at his buddy's house) all went to The Home Depot to pick up a few things we needed to accomplish our VeRY LoNg "to do" list this weekend.

Even though, I didn't get any Prim projects finsished this evening. We did manage to get the gate to the privacy fence fixed and all of the weeds pulled, flowers planted and mulch laid in the front two flower beds. So, I feel good about that!! Two things I can mark of that list! LOL!!

Now only if we can get everything accomplished tomorrow that I want to. I plan on finishing up the yardwork, putting on all of my black basecoats to my Prim projects and maybe even finishing one or two. So, I really hope by Sunday I will be posting pics of all of my hard work.

But "Big Daddy" and the kids have already mentioned wanting to go to the pool this tomorrow (and Sunday, I think), so I will have to see how much work I can get of them before 11:00am (that is when the pool that we belong to opens). I know, I know...Child Labor Laws. LOL!!

I am very flattered by all of the responses to the "Tour My Home Thursdays" idea. I was afraid nobody would be interested! So, thank you to all that responded. I will come up guidlines, etc. and try to figure out how to use "Mr. Linky" within the next week or so, and hopefully we all can start "touring" in a week or so. Sound good?!?!? What room do you think you all would like to start with?

Anyway, I better get to bed. I want to get an early start tomorrow and I will definitely need my rest. LOL!!

Hope you all have GrEaT weekend!!

HuGs!! Carrie

Thursday, May 28, 2009

~Happy Thursday...And A Proposition!!~

Good evening ladies!! I hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday. I am SOOO glad it is Friday tomorrow. Not only for the most obvious reason of no work, but that I a super excited!! I decided after reading all our your encouraging words that I am just going to bite the bullet and start spreading some of my Prim goodness all over the house this weekend. And I can't wait to get started.

What can it hurt. Like you all said, if I place something on a certain shelf, etc. who's saying it has to stay there right!?!? That's how the word "tweaking" was invented, wasn't it?!?!? Due to a woman changing her mind...LOL!!

I am not sure if you all remember me posting about a shelf that "Big Daddy" had made for me that I was too scared to paint. Well, guess what!?!? Yep, it is also another victim of my lack of decorating confidence. So, I decided that it was going to be my first project that I take on this weekend. Not only for the obvious reason that I need the shelf to display some of the Prim goodness that has taking up residency on my kitchen counter and closet but also for that fact that I think it has really hurt "Big Daddy's" feelings that I have yet done anything with his awesome creation!! So, wish me luck ladies!! I am gonna need it!! LOL!!

But before I close up for the night...I have a proposition for you all. I know that one way that I get inspiration is by looking at all of you beautiful homes and they way you all display things. So, here's what I was thinking...what about starting a weekly tour of homes Maybe we could call it "Tour My Home Thursday" or something like that. Where we would assign a certain room of the house each week. I know that most of you have posted pics of your homes in the past but this would be place where we could compile all of those in one spot. Making it easier for us "decorating challenged" to get our inspiration.

I know that I saw something similar over on another blog. However, most of the homes participating in that tour all had different decorating styles. Not that anybody wouldn't be welcome to participate no matter what your decorating style was...but most of us seem to have similar styles and in my opinion it is always nice to get some fresh ideas. Especially for us who have wonderful things just taking up good counter space and not being truly appreciated in the Prim glory!! LOL!!

So, if you all think you would like to participate and would be willing to spread the word and see if we can get others to join...maybe it would be fun!! Whatcha' think!?!?!? Does this sound like something you all would like to do?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That!!

First and foremost, I wanted to tell all of you "Thank You" for all of the wonderful advice(once again!!). After a few "dramatic" days around here I think we have finally got thru to "Miss Priss". Or atleast, I hope so....we will have to wait and see!!

Secondly, I wanted to share a pic of all the wonderful Prim goodies I received from Kim. We were assigned each others name in Char's "Porch Swap". I had never participated in a swap before, and let me tell you it was so much fun!! Like Kim said in the email she sent me, it's a little like being a kid on Christmas Day!! Thanks again Kim!! I LOVED it all!!

~~Log Cabin~~
~~Birdhouse Stake~~
~~Butterfly Stake~~
~~Our Family's Homestead Sign~~

And lastly, I have a small confession to you all remember all of the pictures I have been posting lately of all of my latest Prim finds? If not let me remind you....

And have all of you often wondered why I haven't shown any of them in their Prim goodness around my house?

Well, this is where my confession comes into play. My name is Carrie and I am a Prim addict!! I LOVE me some Prim goodness BUT all (well, maybe NOT all...but most) of these things are all still sitting in a pile on my kitchen counter. And the rest are in a basket in the closet. I KNOW!!!!

Why haven't I done anything with them yet you may ask...well, I think it is lack of confidence. Trust me, I know what I like. I can go into any Prim store and immediately pick out my favorite finds BUT I have this one small problem...once I get them home, I am not sure what to do with them. Isn't that terrible!?!?

I look at all of your blogs and get such inspiration. But when it comes to me actually putting that inspiration into action, I freeze up. I have thrift stores finds still unpainted. A BEAUTIFUL shelf "Big Daddy" made for me that I have yet to paint or decorate. I have wonderful Prim goodies that I have gotten from here and there just laying around. What is wrong with me!?!? Help!! I just need to trust my instincts right!?!? Just go for the gusto....

Do any of you have this happen to you? Or am I all alone in this "decorator's block" of mine?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy Weekend...Busy Post and some MUCH Needed Advice!!

Hello Ladies!! I hope you all are having nice and relaxing Memorial Day weekend!!

Ours was wonderful. Busy but wonderful!! I actually got a jump start on my weekend a day early. Since, we had our daughter's High School Graduation last Thursday and we had planned on leaving to go camping Friday as soon as "Muscles" and "Big Daddy" got off of school and work. I took a vacation day to try to get e few things finished up Friday morning.

So, after "Miss Priss" and I took "Muscles" to school (or should I say...he took us. He got his driving permit last week so I let him drive. He is a pretty good driver!!)we headed to Wal-Mart to do some shopping for groceries, etc. that we needed for our camping trip. Then after bringing the stuff home and putting it away, I decided to take "Miss Priss" to lunch since she wasn't coming with us camping and so I could spend a little time with her.

But let me backtrack to the Graduation. OH MY!! It went so smoothly. Like I said in my previous post, I was SO proud of my baby girl!! So, was "Big Daddy". I think I even saw a tear or two!! And they weren't ALL from me...LOL!!

Seriously, where did the time go though?!?!? Like I have said too many times felt like it was just yesterday I was giving birth to that 7 lb. 15 oz. bundle of joy. OK...I am gonna stop before I cry even more. But here is a pic of ""Miss Priss" and her boyfriend (whom I like but am kinda mad with at the moment...I'll get to that later!!)

So, back to was such a nice trip. We went to a campground pretty close to home. With it being a holiday weekend we were kinda limited. But we had such a good time. Since, "Miss Priss" decided at the last minute she wasn't able to go with us, another LONG story. We told "Muscles" he could bring his buddy, Ben. Whom, my husband and I both adore. He is such a good kid...

We camped, rode bikes, fished and even made s'mores. You know all the things that go along with camping. I even did a little shopping. We have gone to this particular campground a few times and every time we pass this cute little shop that I have always wanted to stop at. The Crescent Moon. Well, this weekend was the weekend. And was I ever so happy. I was in love the moment I walked it. And the shop owners were two very warm and friendly ladies. I could of spent the whole day in there. But there was fishing to be done, so I tried to hurry. But I did a few things...

Like I said, it was such a nice and relaxing weekend. But of course it would not be a weekend in our house if there wasn't some sort of hiccup(AKA drama).

Well, let me explain something first. Katelyn (AKA "Miss Priss") has been dating the same boy for about 9 months now. And he is a nice enough kid BUT (I know the dreeded BUT) they NEVER want to spend anytime with us. NEVER!!! BUT they are ALWAYS with his family. Whether it being hanging out with his Mom and Step-Dad. Or going to his Dad's softball games. Heck, Katelyn has even met the ENTIRE family....I am talking Aunts, Uncles cousins, etc. on BOTH sides of the family. Yet we can't even get the kid to come over. EVER!!!

We have invited him over for dinner, out to dinner, etc. Heck, we even asked him to go camping with us this past weekend (under the conditions that he and "Muscles" sleep in a tent) And of course we got a big fat "NO!!". He had to work "all day". But yet, we agreed to let Katelyn go on a family vaction with them to Florida this coming 4th of July (which I am SERIOUSLY reconsidering!!!!!).

Anyway, back to my we are camping and all is well. Around 10:00am Saturday morning we get a call from Katelyn. Which, let me tell you is the crack o' dawn for that child!!! So, I am feeling good after her call. Too think that she called just out of the blue made me feel she was missing us. Well, during our phone call conversation I asked her if her and Matt wanted to drive up for the day and hang out with us (It was only 1/2 hour drive and Katelyn knew the way) but she said that it was rainging and that my Mom didn't want her driving. And that Matt had to work "all day" anyway. Which seemed reasonable!!

But you have to know my parents....I love them to death!!! But let's just say that my parents and I have two totally different parenting styles. My Mom thinks Ed and I are too strict. Seriously, they child comes and goes as she pleases. She has a 1:00am curfew and we even agreed to Florida. Are you kidding me!?!?!? But because we worry and care about Katelyn, we rather her not stay by herself while we are gone (out of her on safety) we are hard on her. WHATEVER!!! So, I should of known that whole "driving in the rain" thing was a lie.

Anyway, after our phone call conversation, I admit I was missing her so I called her back around noon whenever "Big Daddy", "Muscles" and Ben were gone fishing. But there was no answer, so I called my parents house and my Mom said that since it was raining (Raining!?!?!? What rain!?!?!?) and she didn't want her coming down there she let her go to the mall and out to lunch with Matt. (Matt!?!?!? I thought he had to work "all day") while talking to my Mom Katelyn beeped in. And when I said hello, I can barely hear her with all of the background noise. So, I ask her where they are and she says Eric and Denise's...which happenes to be our good friends and also friends of Matt's Mom and Step-Dad's. I am PISSED!!!! No, not pissed....HURT!!!!!!! I thought he had to work?!?!? So, I asked Katelyn that very same question she says..."til noon". ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? I thought one of the reason they didn't come to meet us was because he had to work "all day". OK, I don't classify noon as "all day".

So after basically telling her that once again they ditched us for his family and how HURT I was, I hung up!!! So, I decided if she lied about him working "all day" I bet she AND MY MOM (mind you) lied about the rain so I called my best friend. Sure enough, it hadn't rained at all!!!!!! Just as I thought!!!

I am telling you girls, I was CRUSHED!!!!!!!!! Still am!!!!! She has been at work all day and I have not spoke to her since I hung up on her Saturday. Of course, I received a couple text messages within an hour of hanging up on her telling me that they would come down, etc. but we never did see them!! Go figure!!

So, what do I do!?!?!?!? Nothing my husband or I say gets thru to her anymore. She thinks because she is offically a High School Graduate and "almost" 18 that she should be able to come and go as she pleases with NO rules!!! All we want to is spend time with her (and the BF) and we get pushed aside ALL of the time for everybody and everything else!! And it hurts!!!!

Whenever "Big Daddy" and I try to talk to her she gets an additude and thinks we are being unreasonable. I am tired of fighting all of the time. I am tired of all of the tension. We are the parents....but why do I feel like I am the one being controlled by her!?!?!? I know she is spoiled...and we are the only ones to blame. But how do we make our points to her without coming off as being controlling or mean. Or her wanting to "move out"...oh yeah, that's the new one!!

Seriously, if the only thing she can complain about is us not letting her stay home alone whenever we go camping for the weekend (which is really for her safety more th n anything else) or that we want to spend time with her...then I think we are doing pretty well. So why do I always feel that nothing that my husband and I do is right in her eyes!?!?!?

OK, now I really am going to I better finish this post up. But I would appreciate any advice ya'll have to offer. Because quite frankly, I am at a lost at this point!!

Hugs!! Carrie

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!!

Getting ready to leave to go camping in celebration of Memorial Day!! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend. See ya'll back here on Monday!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Milestone...Oh, And A Thank You!!

Thank you everybody for the advice on yesterdays post. I opted not to buy the Prim decor from that lady. She would not budge on the price at all, so I decided not to do it. Which is fine, I was kind of hesitate about spending that kind of $$$ anyway. Especially, with the economy being the way it is. I figured there was more important things I could do with that kind of $$$ feed my family!! LOL!! But I do appreciate ALL of your advice. I was leaning towards that way anyway but being the girl I am, I still need that reassurance. Even if I am almost 40!! LOL!!

Today is a bittersweet day for is my daughter's High School Graduation!! Gosh, where does that time go!?!? It is bittersweet because I am SOOO happy for her. She is such a wonderful young woman and this is just the next step in her journey. But as a Mother, it breaks my heart to think my babies are no longer babies!! Wasn't it was just yesterday that she was 4 and EJ (AKA "Muscles") was 2 and they were still playing with Barbies and Legos?!?!? And in their eyes, my husband and I were still "cool"!!

You know thru the years I heard over and over "how fast that they will grow up!!" and "savor EVERY moment!!". And trust me I did...BUT gosh, the time went by SOOOO much faster than I thought!! UGGHHH!!

Ok, I better stop before I cry. I am posting from work (which I NEVER do) and I have already had to stop myself from crying SEVERAL times. SERIOUSLY!! I know I am SUCH a baby!! LOL!!

But I hope you all have a GREAT day!! And I will try to stop by later and post some pics.

Hugs!! Carrie

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have been in contact with a lady on Craigslist willing to sell all of this to me for $500.00. Do you all think this is a good deal?!?!?!?!?!?!? PLEASE let me know what ya'll think ASAP!!!! I would hate to lose out if it is......

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are You A Mean Mom!?!?!

I received this poem today in an email and I thought it was very fitting being a Mother of TWO teens...

To all you Mean Mom's.

Someday when my children are old enough to
understand the logic that motivates a parent, I will
tell them, as my Mean Mom told me: I loved you
enough to ask where you were going, with whom,
and what time you would be home.

I loved you enough to be silent and let you
discover that your new best friend was a creep.

I loved you enough to make you go pay for the
bubble gum you had taken and tell the clerk, "I
stole this yesterday and want to pay for it."

I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours
while you cleaned your room, a job that should have
taken 15 minutes.

I loved you enough to let you see anger,
disappointment, and tears in my eyes. Children must
learn that their parents aren't perfect.

I loved you enough to let you assume the
responsibility for your actions even when the
penalties were so harsh they almost broke my heart.

But most of all, I loved you enough . . . to say
NO when I knew you would hate me for it.

Those were the most difficult battles of all. I'm
glad I won them, because in the end you won, too.
And someday when your children are old enough to
understand the logic that motivates parents, you
will tell them.

Was your Mom mean? I know mine was. We had the
meanest mother in the whole world! While other kids
ate candy for breakfast, we had to have cereal,
eggs, and toast. When others had a Pepsi and a
Twinkie for lunch, we had to eat sandwiches. And you
can guess our mother fixed us a dinner that was
different from what other kids had, too.

Mother insisted on knowing where we were at all
times. You'd think we were convicts in a prison. She
had to know who our friends were, and what we were
doing with them. She insisted that if we said we
would be gone for an hour, we would be gone for an
hour or less.

We were ashamed to admit it, but she had the nerve
to break the Child Labor Laws by making us work. We
had to wash the dishes, make the beds, learn to
cook, vacuum the floor, do laundry, empty the trash
and all sorts of cruel jobs. I think she would lie
awake at night thinking of more things for us to do.

She always insisted on us telling the truth, the
whole truth, and nothing but the truth. By the time
we were teenagers, she could read our minds and had
eyes in the back of her head. Then, life was really

Mother wouldn't let our friends just honk the horn
when they drove up. They had to come up to the door
so she could meet them. While everyone else could
date when they were 12 or 13, we had to wait until
we were 16.

Because of our mother we missed out on lots of
things other kids experienced. None of us have ever
been caught shoplifting, vandalizing other's
property or ever arrested for any crime. It was all
her fault.

Now that we have left home, we are all educated,
honest adults. We are doing our best to be mean
parents just like Mom was.

I think that is what's wrong with the world today.
It just doesn't have enough mean moms!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Winner, Winner .....and a Chicken Dinner!!

Sorry I have been MIA the past few days. But once again "Big Daddy" and "Muscles" have been kind enough to spread around of their "flu infested" love!! And I have been sick in bed ALL weekend. Yes, even on Mother's Day!! I am feeling better, so that is good. But it is very nerve wrecking having the flu when all the news has been talking about is the "Swine" flu!!

So, all if you out there feeling the effects of all of the viruses going around I figured before I announce the winner of my 100th Post Giveaway...I would share a recipe.


1 (2 1/2 to 3-pound) fryer chicken, cut up
3 1/2 quarts water
1 onion, peeled and diced
1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning
1 teaspoon lemon-pepper seasoning
3 cloves garlic, minced
4 bay leaves
3 chicken bouillon cubes
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
2 cups sliced carrots
2 cups sliced celery, with leafy green tops
2 1/2 cups uncooked egg noodles
1 cup sliced mushrooms
3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves
1/3 cup cooking sherry
2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary leaves
1 cup grated Parmesan, optional
3/4 cup heavy cream, optional
Seasoning salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Crusty French bread, for serving
For the stock: add all ingredients to a soup pot. Cook until chicken is tender, about 35 to 45 minutes. Remove chicken from pot and set aside to cool. Remove and discard bay leaves and onion. You should have approximately 3 quarts of stock. When chicken is cool enough to touch, pick bones clean, discarding bones, skin, and cartilage. Set chicken aside.
For the soup: bring stock back to a boil, add carrots, and cook for 3 minutes. Add celery and continue to cook for 5 to 10 minutes. Add egg noodles and cook according to directions on package. When noodles are done, add chicken, mushrooms, parsley, sherry and rosemary. Add Parmesan and cream, if using. Cook for another 2 minutes. Adjust seasoning, if needed, by adding seasoning salt and pepper. Enjoy along with a nice hot crusty loaf of French bread.

Now, since I covered the 'chicken' part of my title on to the 'winner' part........drumroll please....the winner of my 100th Post Giveaway is........LISA from Primitives From Above!!!!

Congrats Lisa!! And thank you, thank you, thankyou to ALL of you that either already were or recently became one of my followers!! I appreciate each and everyone of you!! BTW Lisa, just one HAVE to show some pics of what you did with all of your goodies!!!! I bought doubles on a couple of the things and I NEED ideas...PLEASE!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saturday's Finds

As promised here are pics of all of my Saturday findings...

First up is the "Garage Sale Gem". And thanks to all of you, I knew not to pass this baby up. Especially, at the low price of 25 cents. That's right you all heard me 25 cents!! I even left the price tag on to prove it.


I also learned from reading this post over at Primitives from Above that I should NOT touch it. Lisa bought a bowl just like this and all the kind ladies that left her comments told her NOT to Prim it up!! Is this correct? Can anybody tell me anything else about this find!?!?

Next up are all of the "Prim Goodness" I found in St. Charles, MO.



~~~2 PRIM FLAGS~~~





I am so excited about all of my great finds. Now just to figure out what to do with all of them...any ideas!?!?!?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cobblestone Cottage...St. Charles, MO.


This past weekend, "Muscles" was out of town for his Math Team tournie....which BTW, they did WONDERFULLY at!! And early Saturday morning, "Miss Priss" had gone to help out one of her teachers with some community service. So, "Big Daddy" and myself had ran out to a city wide garage sale in a neighboring town. But we were disappointed to say the least....there wasn't as nearly as many people participating as there was last year. And not much to pick from...unless, you were looking for baby stuff....then you would of hit the motherload!! LOL!!

However, I did score something that I would of normally would have passed up but after making my way around blogland the last year or so, I have leard a little something. And I knew as I soon as I saw the 25 CENT price tag I found a gem...stay tuned for pics.

Anyway, we made our way around a few of the garage sales but then decided we would take a road trip to St. Charles, MO. We ran by the house first to let the puppies out and as we were pulling in the driveway so was "Miss Priss" so needless to say, she came with. Which was a nice just seems like nowadays it is either just "Big Daddy" and myself or "Big Daddy", "Muscles" and myself. Very rarely is it "Miss Priss" and us. So, we were happy!!

We started off by having lunch here...Lewis and Clark...YUMMY!!!!

Then we made our way down Main St. and let me tell you if you have never been to St. Charles it is absolutely beautiful!! Cobbletone streets and everything...right off of the river. And there are all of these cute little shops filled to the brim with wonderful things. But of course my favorite were the shops will all of the Prim goodness. And let me tell you, we finally made our way to the gem of gems...Cobblestone Cottage.

This place was my heaven!!!!!! Now, that I think about it I think I even said that outloud as we walked in. A matter of fact, I think I even caught "Big Daddy" and "Miss Priss" laughing at me. I WAS IN HEAVEN!!!!!!! Can you say....DANGEROUS!?!?!?!? Only if I were rich!!

But I did get a few things and you will have to come back tomorrow for not only my 25 CENT garage sale find but pics of all of my PURE PRIM GOODNESS!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally, What All Of You Have Been Waiting For....My 100th Post Giveaway!!

The TOTAL package!!

A cute little bench!!

A little hanging basket!!


A "Believe" candleholder with candle!!

The "Simplify" shelf sitter!!

"The Land of The Free" stitchery in a black frame (under glass)!!

I know you guys all probably thought that I forgot all about my giveaway. But I could NEVER do that to all of you!! LOL!! But, I finally finished up my shopping for the giveaway yesterday and then tonight whenever I went to upload the pictures on Blogger, it was taking FOR.EV.ER!!!! But, I FINALLY got it to work!!

Anywho, I don't know about all of you but I am getting to a point in my life that I am trying a new approach in life. TO SIMPLIFY!! Hence the little 'Simplify' shelf sitter. LOL!!

So, I decided I am going to make this a VERY easy giveway. I will be drawing the winning name a week from today (I will draw sometime next Monday, May 11th...probably in the evening after work). I will enter a chance for each of the names on my list of followers...and the name chosen will be the winner!! Easy...isn't it!?!? See, I told you. Even though, you all know I would L♥VE any comments you all would like to make!! But to win, you just have to be a follower of mine.

So hurry, now matter if you are a 'daily reader' or you just stopped by for the very first time, just sign up and become a follower of mine and you have a chance to win!!

Good luck to all!!!!!