Friday, May 29, 2009

Are You Ready For The Weekend? I Know I Am!

Awww...I am SO Glad it's Friday!! It felt like this week was never going to get over. Why does it sometimes seem like your shorter weeks (I only had a 4 day work week this week) are the longer weeks mentally?

I am feeling good though, after work "Big Daddy", "Miss Priss" and myself ("Muscles" is spending the night at his buddy's house) all went to The Home Depot to pick up a few things we needed to accomplish our VeRY LoNg "to do" list this weekend.

Even though, I didn't get any Prim projects finsished this evening. We did manage to get the gate to the privacy fence fixed and all of the weeds pulled, flowers planted and mulch laid in the front two flower beds. So, I feel good about that!! Two things I can mark of that list! LOL!!

Now only if we can get everything accomplished tomorrow that I want to. I plan on finishing up the yardwork, putting on all of my black basecoats to my Prim projects and maybe even finishing one or two. So, I really hope by Sunday I will be posting pics of all of my hard work.

But "Big Daddy" and the kids have already mentioned wanting to go to the pool this tomorrow (and Sunday, I think), so I will have to see how much work I can get of them before 11:00am (that is when the pool that we belong to opens). I know, I know...Child Labor Laws. LOL!!

I am very flattered by all of the responses to the "Tour My Home Thursdays" idea. I was afraid nobody would be interested! So, thank you to all that responded. I will come up guidlines, etc. and try to figure out how to use "Mr. Linky" within the next week or so, and hopefully we all can start "touring" in a week or so. Sound good?!?!? What room do you think you all would like to start with?

Anyway, I better get to bed. I want to get an early start tomorrow and I will definitely need my rest. LOL!!

Hope you all have GrEaT weekend!!

HuGs!! Carrie


Heather's Stitches said...

We could start with the front door then move into the livingroom...Although my front door is really my backdoor so as you walk in your right in my Kitchen..I love that!