Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Milestone...Oh, And A Thank You!!

Thank you everybody for the advice on yesterdays post. I opted not to buy the Prim decor from that lady. She would not budge on the price at all, so I decided not to do it. Which is fine, I was kind of hesitate about spending that kind of $$$ anyway. Especially, with the economy being the way it is. I figured there was more important things I could do with that kind of $$$ feed my family!! LOL!! But I do appreciate ALL of your advice. I was leaning towards that way anyway but being the girl I am, I still need that reassurance. Even if I am almost 40!! LOL!!

Today is a bittersweet day for is my daughter's High School Graduation!! Gosh, where does that time go!?!? It is bittersweet because I am SOOO happy for her. She is such a wonderful young woman and this is just the next step in her journey. But as a Mother, it breaks my heart to think my babies are no longer babies!! Wasn't it was just yesterday that she was 4 and EJ (AKA "Muscles") was 2 and they were still playing with Barbies and Legos?!?!? And in their eyes, my husband and I were still "cool"!!

You know thru the years I heard over and over "how fast that they will grow up!!" and "savor EVERY moment!!". And trust me I did...BUT gosh, the time went by SOOOO much faster than I thought!! UGGHHH!!

Ok, I better stop before I cry. I am posting from work (which I NEVER do) and I have already had to stop myself from crying SEVERAL times. SERIOUSLY!! I know I am SUCH a baby!! LOL!!

But I hope you all have a GREAT day!! And I will try to stop by later and post some pics.

Hugs!! Carrie


Lisa said...

I always get hesitant with buying off of Craigs List, but I still like to look at what is out there (lol). Thank you for my goodies. I received everything today and it was all packaged so nicely - THANK YOU!! I love it all. I will start decorating come Monday since we are heading out of town, but I promise to share pics. Thanks are a BIG sweetheart!!