Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Year Blogoversary...And My 100th Post Giveaway Reminder!!

Hey Girls!! Sorry I haven't been posting the past few days. Don't worry I have still been around everyday reading all of your blogs. But to be honest, I was getting so close to my 100th post and I still don't have everything ready for my giveaway so I have been stalling!! However, as I was going thru my past posts last night, I came acrossed this one and I realized that not only is this my 99th post today is also my 1 Year Blogoversary!!

I know...kinda sad, I have been blogging for a year now and only have 99 posts. Maybe that's why I only have a few readers. ((BLUSH!!)) That or I need some more interesting posts!! LOL!! But I promise I will try to be better next year and in my opinion I don't care if I ever become one of these "big" or "popular" blogs. I just enjoy my visits with all of you. Peeking into all of your beautifully decorated homes, looking at all of the 'before' and 'after' pics of all of your make-overs (you all are SO talented!!) and all of the inspiration you all give me each and every day!! And for that I want to tell you all THANK YOU!! So, to do that...I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!

So, you all be sure to check back in the next few days for the my 1 year blogoversary / 100th post giveway!! It will be SUPER easy to enter, all you will have to do is become a follower of mine if you aren't already one!! Oh don't get me wrong, feel free to share the l♥ve if you all want and leave me comment or post about the giveaway on your blogs but I think I will just pick the winner from my followers. Easy Peasy!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Big Thank You, Bunco and A Giveaway!!

Good Morning!! Today is going to be a busy day for me....I think I had mentioned a few posts back how my friend Melissa and I were starting up a Bunco Night. Well, tonight is THE night!! But before my day got to hectic, I wanted to drop by and THANK all of you warm and caring ladies for all of the sweet comments on my 'Feeling Blue' post. It made me feel SO much better just knowing that I wasn't alone and that you all cared enough to comment. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!

Secondly, tonight is kinda a 'big' night for me. It is our very first Bunco Night, and I am super excited!! My friend Melissa suggested that we go in together and split the responsibilty. (I think she knew I was having a BAD week...and she is recently divorced so $$$ is tight for it was a win, win!!). So, she offered to host it at her house. And I went ahead a bought everything and went over there last night and we did all of our cooking.

We are having a 'Mexican' theme. We will be serving both beef and chicken enchiladas, a taco bar, salsa, guacamole, Melissa's famous bean and cheese dip, Spanish Rice, and sausage enchilada dip and of course chips. I think that is it....

I have to admit, I am a little nervous. I just hope all goes smoothly. We are having 16 ladies there, so not only will there be some good food, but good laughs as well!! I think just what the doctored ordered. A girls night out with some good friends!! I can't wait...

Ok, well I guess I better get going. I still have a few things to cross off my list for tonight. But I promise to come back later and update with PICS!!!!!

Oh yeah, and all of you still waiting for me to show some re-do pics, I promise to do that as well as soon as this Bunco thing is over!! PROMISE!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Feeling Blue...

Hi there!! I debated on posting this today for the fear of sounding like a broken record. But then I decided, that I need to just keep things real on this blog and be myself. And pray that you all love me just the same!! LOL!! Lately, I am not feeling it. I know that the other day I posted about how I just don't feel like there is enough time in the day, etc. And how whenever I am at work, I worry about home and vice versus. Well, it's not getting any better!! It is so bad that I called into work sick today just so I could try to gather my composure. I am sure some of my mood today is PMS but I just can't shake this feeling of inadequatecy.

I am not sure if mentioned it or not but I work for a Bank...a VERY large bank. Which, in turns means a VERY political Bank. One that at the moment is VERY stressful to work for. Well, a few months back our "big" boss was let go due to "cut backs" and let's just say he was our security blanket. He was in charge of several different sites throughout the country (probably managed well over 400 associates) and with him being based out of our site, somehow made us feel 'safe'. If there is such a thing...

Well, now with him being gone. They have placed somebody new over our department. And from what all of our bosses have said....that security blanket is now gone. Supposedly, she is really busting our managers chops over EVERYTHING!!! Rumor has it, she was placed over us to start 'weeding' people out. So the pressure is REALLY on!! And as the saying goes, it rolls downhill. So, guess it is really getting it!?!?! YEP!! Starting next week, we have to help get another department get "caught up" and meeting their goals. All the while, not meeting ours. But their solution is coming in on the weekends!! Are you freakin' kidding me!?!?!? I am there 10 hours a day M-F the way it is. And my weekends are even more hectic then my week days with grocery shopping, errands, catching up housework, etc. the way it is. Not only that, but what about my FAMILY!?!?!?!? But since we were pretty much it or find another job. And like that is really going to happen with the economy the was it is...what choice do I have...really!?!?! UGGHHHH!!! Only if I could quit!!!!!!!!

So, on top of all of this pressure of work and the fear of losing jobs. I have the everyday pressures of being a working Mom of two teens and trying to stay on top of homework, housework, running errands, etc. And at the same time "Miss Priss" is supposed to be going to college this coming Fall. Well, months ago when all was fine and there was no fear of losing my job we promised her she could go to an University about an hour away and live in the dorm. But now, "Big Daddy" and I are considering just sending her to the local community college to get her generals out of the way and then letting her transferring (hopefully the economy will be MUCH better by then). But as we tried to talk to her about this last night, she got upset...VERY upset. So, one again I feel like a failure!!

Let's far I am feeling like a failure at work and as a Mother. Now what...oh yeah, did I mention my house is a mess!?!? So, add housekeeper to that list!!

I know I am just being a whinny baby. And you all maybe thinking if I am so worried about my job, why did I call in?!?!? Or if the house is a mess, why am I blogging!?!?! I know me too...I can't explain it. All I know is I needed a "ME" day so bad!! And blogging, totally relaxes me. Helps me escape for 5 mins and totally unwind. Until, I get off the computer and reality hits me in the face. All I do know is that I am at a real crossroads. I have all of these hats to employee, a Mom, a wife, etc. And I feel like I am just barely scooting by lately at all of them.

I do feel a little bit better. "Big Daddy" came home for lunch. Something he never does...I think he is worried. I am not normally like this. Normally, I am the Queen of list and organization. So, for me to feel this overwhelemed with work and home...he knows something is up!! Anyway, while he was here we talked. And he told me not to think about everything all at the same time. To "baby step" thru it. To just take it as it is thrown at me. But when you feel that it is all being thrown at you at the same do you manage all of it!?!?!?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Showers Bring.....Cute Necklaces!?!?!? (Giveaway)

You all thought I was gonna say May flowers didn't you?!?! Ha!! Well, that's not the April I am talking about. I am talking about an AWESOME giveaway over at my friend April's blog. Go check it's a GOOD one!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Too much to do and.....

First of all, I just wanted to thank you girls for all the sweet comments on yesterdays post. "Miss Priss" had the time of her life. She said it was exactly how she wished it would be. Even though, I get teared up at the thought of her having a "serious" boyfriend. I have to admit the BF is very sweet to her!! And she had a good time, so that is all that matters!!

She even said that while at dinner she had a Mom come up to her and ask her if she could give her daughter an autograph. I guess there was a little girl at the restaurant that thought Katelyn was a REAL Princess!! LOL!! Needless to say, she gave the autograph and was VERY flattered!!

As I am typing this, I am at work. And I NEVER post from work but at the moment I need to vent. I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. UGGHHH!!! Do you all ever feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it all!?!?! Well, that is EXACTLY how I am feeling today.

Being a Mom that works outside of the home, I constantly feel like there is not enough time in the day. When I am here at work, I worry about home and vice versus. And with so much happening right now, I feel like I am drowning. With the kids upcoming activites (Prom, Math competition, Graduation, Graduation party to plan, etc.) and trying to go camping to get our $$$ worth with the camper we just bought, work, housework, a Bunco night that I am supposed to be hosting, etc. Oh yeah, and a upcoming yardsale we are having I am OVERWHELMED!! And my housework is definitely suffering. I even made a "chore list" to try to stay on top of the cleaning, laundry, etc. but I still feel like I am not doing something right.

I wish I could spend sometime crafting and decorating but lately I am lucky if we all have clean socks (much less unmatched socks...LOL!!)to wear!! LOL!!

Take this weekend for instance, Saturday was spent all day running for Prom, Sunday we cleaned out the attic to get things ready for the upcoming yardsale. And before I knew it my alarm clock was going off at 5:15am this morning and another work week was beginning.

I know it will all calm down soon, but I just wish I had some breathing room...or better yet, a "ME" day!!

Awww....Calgon take me away!! LOL!! Only if it was the easy!!

So, I ask this...what is your "secrets"? How do you all find the balance between work and home? How do you all make sure that you devote all the QT to your family as you should but yet still have the time to blog, craft, etc.?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prom Pictures

As promised I am back with Prom pictures..

Saturday Mornings Ramblings...

Just wanted to stop by this morning before things get too hectic around here (today is Prom day) and thank Wendy and Tammy for the advice on painting my shelf. I kinda had a good idea how to acheive the look, just needed to get some reassurance. But you girls will be glad to know that I decided I will just go for it. Like the hubby is ONLY paint and I can always start over if I don't like it. Right!?!?!?

Secondly, I wanted to let everybody know that I am only 7 (I think) posts away from my 100th post. And that I will be having a giveaway, just like I did for my 50th post. Maybe a little bit more prim. LOL!! However, this time along with leaving me a comment at the time of the giveaway to be entered, I am also going to ask that you become a follower of mine. PRETTY PLEASE!?!?! I only have 4 and I am starting to feel like a blogging loser. LOL!!

Lastly, I just wanted to let everybody know that today is Prom for "Miss Priss" and that I promise to post later with pictures!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Help Needed!!....PLEASE!!!

I need some help...PLEASE!! I think in the past few days I have realized that I am not nearly ANYWHERE NEAR as crafted as I would like to be. Which is a bad thing at the moment because as I posted about a while ago that "Big Daddy was making me a prim shelf and cabinet I have been wanting for the end of the hall , with the conditions that I'd do the the painting. So now that he has completed the shelf, it is time for ME to paint it. And after my bust of a paint job on my paper mache eggs (that BTW, I am too ashamed to even show here on my blog) I am VERY nervous to paint the shelf.

So, this is where all of your help comes into play...this is a shelf that I found on Ebay that is very similar to the shelf he built for me and it is even close to the color I think I want to go with. So, to all of you "oh so talented crafters" out there...come on don't be shy, you know who you all are!! Could you PLEASE take a look at the shelf and tell me how to acheive this look!?!? I promise I'll be you BFF FOREVER!!! LOL!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Great Giveaway!!

Hey there girls!! I know...two posts in one night but I just wanted to do a quick post before calling it a night regarding a GREAT giveway. Go HERE to enter...isn't this the cutest stitchery you have ever seen. And to think it was done by Joy who is only 1o years old!! Can you believe it!?!? I know, me about talent!!

BTW, she has also been feeling a little under the weather so go over and give her some l♥ve!!

A Little Window Shopping

One of my all time favorite things to do is decorating. I usually know what I like but there are many times where my mind draws a blank and I just can't figure out how acheive that certain look. Does this happen to any of you? I really doubt it looking at the pictures of some of your homes. Your all naturals at this decorating thing. How and or where do you all get your inspirations!?!?!? Seriously people I need help!!

I only ask because there are people like me that need to look at every magazine or catalog possible to try to figure out how to display this shelf or that doughboard. And one of my all time favorite catalogs to do some window shopping in is Piper Classics. So here is just a little eye candy I have found the last few times....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Loonnngggg Day!!

Due to a LONG first day back to work from our mini-vacay and a very bad headache I'll be back tomorrow!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

~Our Weekend~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~There's No Place Like Home~


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!! We have had a very relaxing Easter Sunday!! We got back from our camping trip around 10:30 this morning, so after getting things put away we pretty much hung out and didn't do much of anything. We had a GREAT trip though!! VERY relaxing and it felt good to do some "family bonding" over the past 4 days.

For those of you that either have already gone thru the teenage stage or are currently going thru it, I am sure you all know how far and few between those days are where everybody is together spending some ever so needed family quality time!! Especially, where everybody is getting along. And let me just say that is exactly what this family did!!

We fished, we played games and even sat by the campfire talking and laughing!! Exactly what the doctor ordered!! Heck, we even did a little antique shopping in this cute little down nearby, Benton, IL. It looked like something out of a storybook. The town "square" is all centered around the county courthouse. And all around the "square" are these quant little antique shops. I wish I had pictures but I had forgotten the camera at the campground.

However, we did have a little "adventure" early Thursday morning. About 1:30 AM we were awaken from a dead sleep by the camper feeling like it was being lifted off the ground. A thunderstorm had blown in and any other time we probably wouldn't even of been the wiser, except for the fact that being the inexperienced campers that we are (we have only owned our camper for a month or so) we forgot to put down the awning to our camper and the strong winds literally ripped the awning off of our camper. Talk about being scared!!

I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard Of Oz...there's no place like home, there's no place like home!! Needless, to say I didn't go back to sleep until the sun was coming up and I knew we were safe. But even though I feared for our lives Thursday morning...LOL!!...I wouldn't of changed a thing!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Easter...And See You All Next Week!!

Just wanted to wish you all an early Happy Easter!! Kids are on Spring Break and we are going camping!! See you all next week...and hopefully I'll have some "after" pics of some of my projects!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Upcoming Projects...

For the past year or so, I have been bouncing around different decorating styles. You see, I have always thought of myself as a Country / Prim type of girl. But like I said, in the past year or so...I have been trying out a more "modern" style. And I think I have come to just isn't for me!! Everytime I see any Prim decor, I am pulled towards it. I just can't help it!! I LOVE IT!! So, I have decided to just come to terms with it....Prim is in my blood!!

Which is an extra bonus because hubby is a wonderful woodworker and thru the years has been able to built the majority of my pieces. So, this is easier on the pocketbook as well!! LOL!!

As I am typing this, he is out in the garage building my newest creation!! Gosh, I love that man!! LOL!! Which I will show pictures of in the next few days. But in the meantime, you all will have to be happy with a few pictures of things I am going to Prim up in the next day or so. I was going to do some of it tonight but I realized I was out of foam paint brushes.

The small cutting board and wood bowl...

Some paper mache eggs...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Awesome Giveaway!!

Two posts in one day!?!? I know, I know!! But I have been on this silly computer all day trying to find a new layout. Something a little bit more Prim. And let's just say, it is nearly impossible finding free layouts for us Prim lovers. It was SO much harder trying to figure out how to change things up on my own. But thanks to Leslie and her tutorial, it wasn't so bad. That and Mandie's free backgrounds...

But the main reason for my second post in one day is to tell you all about an AWESOME giveaway that Anne is having. Go take a look!! You WON'T regret it!! It's a GOOD one!!


After looking thru some of my past posts, I realized that I have quite a few posts about "Miss Priss" my 17 YO daughter. But as some of you may already know...I am a Mother of TWO teens!! So today, I would like to introduce you all to my 15 YO son "Muscles"...

He is such a good kid!! Heck, he isn't even a kid...he is such a wonderful young MAN!! He is so warm and caring. Very warm-hearted!! He is an excellent student. He takes all AP classes and excels in them all. He is on his high school's Math and Scholar Bowl teams. He LOVES the outdoors and everything that goes with it...camping, fishing, etc.

For a long time he was so much smaller than the rest of the boys in his class. Heck, even some of the girls. LOL!! But not only has he grown into manhood by his mature personality and additude. But he has physically grown in the past year or so as well. Put it this way, I had taken him to the doctor a few weeks ago and he had literally grown SEVEN inches since the last time he was there!! I KNOW!!! We have had to go clothes shopping numerous times in the past few months!! LOL!!

So these are just a few things about "Muscles" but be on the look out for more post about "Muscles"...because quite frankly, I kinda like this kid!! LOL!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Peace, Love and Donkeys!!

I know, I know...what in the world do these three things have to do with one another!?!? As some of you may already know, my daughter "Miss Priss" is a Senior this year. And she and our son "Muscles" both attend the same high school that "Big Daddy" and I went to. And for 71 years it has been a tradition for the Senior class to participate in a Donkey Basketball game.

What is a Donkey Basketball game you may be asking!?!? Well, there are about 40 teams of 5. Girls against boys. And they literally play a 2 minute and 30 second basketball game on real life DONKEYS!!! I am not even kidding!! Let's just say that sometime words just can't explain....

This is my daughter's team. Peace, Love and Donkeys. "Miss Priss" is the last one on the far right.

Here is "Miss Priss" boyfriend's team. The Dirty Joes. BF is the second last one from the right.

"Miss Priss" and BF.

"Miss Priss" going in for the score!!

It was SOOO much fun!! And let me just add that girl's really do rule and boy's drool...because the girl's kicked the boy's butts 30 to 28. It was a real nail biter!! LOL!!