Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Year Blogoversary...And My 100th Post Giveaway Reminder!!

Hey Girls!! Sorry I haven't been posting the past few days. Don't worry I have still been around everyday reading all of your blogs. But to be honest, I was getting so close to my 100th post and I still don't have everything ready for my giveaway so I have been stalling!! However, as I was going thru my past posts last night, I came acrossed this one and I realized that not only is this my 99th post today is also my 1 Year Blogoversary!!

I know...kinda sad, I have been blogging for a year now and only have 99 posts. Maybe that's why I only have a few readers. ((BLUSH!!)) That or I need some more interesting posts!! LOL!! But I promise I will try to be better next year and in my opinion I don't care if I ever become one of these "big" or "popular" blogs. I just enjoy my visits with all of you. Peeking into all of your beautifully decorated homes, looking at all of the 'before' and 'after' pics of all of your make-overs (you all are SO talented!!) and all of the inspiration you all give me each and every day!! And for that I want to tell you all THANK YOU!! So, to do that...I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!

So, you all be sure to check back in the next few days for the my 1 year blogoversary / 100th post giveway!! It will be SUPER easy to enter, all you will have to do is become a follower of mine if you aren't already one!! Oh don't get me wrong, feel free to share the l♥ve if you all want and leave me comment or post about the giveaway on your blogs but I think I will just pick the winner from my followers. Easy Peasy!!


April said...

You know you can count on me, Carrie, to be back!

Old Glory Soldiers said...

Hi Carrie,

I think we all get sidetracked by life ;)

I follow you because I think you are interesting!!

And I love your name too by-the-way!!

I think your blog is what you make it!! It is for you is your journal, and if it benefits others then that is great too ...but make sure you enjoy it ;-)

Have a Blessed Day ... and Happy Blogiversay and Almost 100th Post!!!


Carrie said...

Congrats I will be back!

This Country Girl said...

LOL, Carrie! I know what you mean! I'm approaching my 1 year blogging anniversary too and I've been stalling for a giveaway too!

I'm looking forward to your giveaway! And I'm already a follower. I love stopping by for a visit over here every chance I get!

I was just talking about your daughter's prom dress to someone beautiful it was!


Pam said...

Count me in I'll be back! Happy Blogoversary! I love your blog and if I am not following it is because I click on follow and it does nothing.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Happy 100th, I always stop by because I enjoy your posts...that's all that matters:)

Loved the prom gown it was truly amazing how you made it fit!