Sunday, April 5, 2009


After looking thru some of my past posts, I realized that I have quite a few posts about "Miss Priss" my 17 YO daughter. But as some of you may already know...I am a Mother of TWO teens!! So today, I would like to introduce you all to my 15 YO son "Muscles"...

He is such a good kid!! Heck, he isn't even a kid...he is such a wonderful young MAN!! He is so warm and caring. Very warm-hearted!! He is an excellent student. He takes all AP classes and excels in them all. He is on his high school's Math and Scholar Bowl teams. He LOVES the outdoors and everything that goes with it...camping, fishing, etc.

For a long time he was so much smaller than the rest of the boys in his class. Heck, even some of the girls. LOL!! But not only has he grown into manhood by his mature personality and additude. But he has physically grown in the past year or so as well. Put it this way, I had taken him to the doctor a few weeks ago and he had literally grown SEVEN inches since the last time he was there!! I KNOW!!! We have had to go clothes shopping numerous times in the past few months!! LOL!!

So these are just a few things about "Muscles" but be on the look out for more post about "Muscles"...because quite frankly, I kinda like this kid!! LOL!!


Carrie said...

Get post I know what you mean about growing Noah has grown 6 inches this year and is already wearing a size 12 shoe and is only 12 years old!