Friday, April 17, 2009

Help Needed!!....PLEASE!!!

I need some help...PLEASE!! I think in the past few days I have realized that I am not nearly ANYWHERE NEAR as crafted as I would like to be. Which is a bad thing at the moment because as I posted about a while ago that "Big Daddy was making me a prim shelf and cabinet I have been wanting for the end of the hall , with the conditions that I'd do the the painting. So now that he has completed the shelf, it is time for ME to paint it. And after my bust of a paint job on my paper mache eggs (that BTW, I am too ashamed to even show here on my blog) I am VERY nervous to paint the shelf.

So, this is where all of your help comes into play...this is a shelf that I found on Ebay that is very similar to the shelf he built for me and it is even close to the color I think I want to go with. So, to all of you "oh so talented crafters" out there...come on don't be shy, you know who you all are!! Could you PLEASE take a look at the shelf and tell me how to acheive this look!?!? I promise I'll be you BFF FOREVER!!! LOL!!


Wendy said...

Hi Carrie! I know how you feel I too was really afraid to do my first prim paint job!!! The way I would do this shelf is I would paint your base color and then dry brush black paint over it,(pat your brush til almost all the black paint is off and brush on) in the areas that you want it to look aged. You could also just sand certain spots and then put a stain over it. I hope this helps you!!:0) Good luck and have a great weekend!!~Wendy

This Country Girl said...


I agree with Wendy. We've done many pieces that way too. Another way is to paint it black, then the tan color, sand to let black show through and rub stain over it and rub off. And third way and probably one of the easiest (to me anyway) is to paint it the tan and dry brush antique glaze over it. Maybe get you a piece of wood and practice these techniques first before you attempt your shelf. Then go for it! Don't be shy! You can do it! :)