Friday, March 20, 2009

A GREAT big hug!!

Hey girls!! Just wanted to write a quick post to tell all of THANK YOU!! And to give you each a "virtual hug". I swear parenting is the HARDEST job EVER!! But I am happy to reportr that "Miss Priss" IS going with us. "Big Daddy" are tired of all the drama and after reading all of your comments I know that I should of trusting my gut instinct and MADE her that is exactly what we did. Like you all said, WE are the parents!! And if the worst thing we do is want to spend time with our daughter, than she has it pretty good!!

Anyway, the kids get out of school early and everything is packed up so we will be leaving shortly. So, I better go....but I will take pics. Thanks again for all of the help!! And Please pray that we don't kill one another before the weekend is over!! LOL!!


Carrie said...

Have fun! I think you are making the right decision about making her go my daughter will be sixteen next month and it is hard raising teens. Good luck can't wait to hear about the trip!

April said...

Way to go, Carrie! I know you made the right decision! Hope you have lots of fun together as a FAMILY!

This Country Girl said...

I hope you all have a great time on your camping trip! I think you are wise to make her go. Those teen years are tough, and I've only gone through it with a son so daughter is coming up...she's 10.


Pam said...

I think you have made the right decision. Can't wait to hear all about the trip and see the pics!