Monday, November 23, 2009


Do you all ever feel like you are beginning to question some of your friendships? Well, the past few weeks this is a subject that has been weighing heavily on my mind. You see, I have a friend that I thought at one time was more like a sister. But here lately, I feel that we have drifted apart. I have tried to talk to her about it on more than one occasion. But yet, things still haven't changed. I have always know that she has a tendency to be self-absorbed but here lately it has gotten much worse.

Maybe I am being a baby. But last week I think I had mentioned that I had to get some test ran. And here it is a week later and the friend has still not called to see if everything went OK. Not that I am expecting her to drop everything. Or for her to baby me over the results. But if the tables were turned, I would of called her immediately to make sure everything went well. Especially, since she knew how nervous I was over them.

Am I being a brat? Or would you all feel the same way? I just feel lately that this friendship is so one-sided. I guess I am one of those friends that would go above and beyond for my dear friends. I try to make sure they all know that I love and care about them. And that I am here for them no matter what. But at the same time, I am beginning to feel that I am forcing this friendship on her.

I guess I am feeling this way about a couple friends. See a couple of these women I have been friends with since high school. And I am just wondering if we have grown apart. And starting to not have alot in common. Or even used in a sense. One of the friends my husband and I have been friends with her and her husband since high school. But again, thru the years we have drifted apart. We never go to dinner, etc. But yet, they only seem to call whenever they need something (IE to borrow money, etc).

Recently, I have met a few woman that I think I "click" with. Woman thru church, etc. that seem very nice and that I would have a lot in common with. So, in saying all of this...what would you suggest? Do you all think I should just let the "old" friendships that I feel are dying, die? And concentrate on these "newer" friendships? Or I try one last time and try to salvage them?


Nichole said...

I would feel bad if one of my close friends didn't call to see how I was after going through something scary. So no, you are not being a baby :o)


It's sad to even admit but it's true that as we grow older we drift apart from those we used to love. I too had a very dear friend I parted company with. It's not that I hate her but rather I hated the way she was always putting her husband and children down. Honestly, it made me start looking at my family differently and it wasn't for the better. Since she's no longer a part of my life I'm 100% happier and I know my family is too. For your sake, maybe it's time to move on even though it hurts. Good luck with what ever you decide. Hugs, Sher

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I remember reading in a magazine a few years ago that friends are in our life for a reason, maybe for a few years or weeks or forever ... they are put there for a reason. This article really helped me to see that it wasn't my fault or theirs it was just the way it was supposed to be. It was just time to move on.
Have a great Thanksgiving!