Sunday, November 1, 2009

Farmhouse Dreamin'

Copyright of Warren Kimble

Happy November everybody!! I hope you all had a "SPOOKTACULAR" Halloween last night!!

Don't you just love this picture? Or all of Warren Kimble's picture for the matter?

Yesterday, "Big Daddy" and I spent the day with my Father-In-Law. Ever since my Mother-In-Law passed away, I think he is VERY lonely. Which is very understandable. I couldn't imagine being married to somebody for over 40 years and not missing them EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for the rest of your life!!

During our visit yesterday, we took a drive thru the country. Taking in all of the beautiful colors of Autumn. But another part of driving thru the country that I truly enjoy, is looking at all of the old Farmhouses. I absolutely L♥VE them!!

I dream that someday, "Big Daddy" and I can find an old Farmhouse to fix up. So much history!! I would love to have some land to plant a garden. And I know being the animal lover that "Big Daddy" is, that there would have to be a few animals as well. LOL!!

So, how about you...if you had your wish, would you rather have brand spanking new home? Or an old Farmhouse to fix up? What would your dream be?

Til Next Time...Hugs!! Carrie♥


Pam said...

Oh I am with you girl. An old farmhouse and lots of money to redo it would be my dream come true. I was actually looking a something the other day with lots of farmhouses and it crossed my mind that if we built, I would want one that looked like an old farmhouse.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I love Warren Kimble art - I'll take his farmhouses any day!

Tonya said...

I'd like the best of both worlds. New construction that looks like an old farmhouse.

Have a great day!

Blessings ~ Tonya