Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Day Turns To...Ummm, Not So Good Day!!

Do you all ever have one of those days where it starts out good and then BOOM all heck breaks loose?!?!?

Well, today was one of the days for me. I woke up this morning feeling a HUGE relief because my test results came back with the A-OK. BTW, thanks to all that left the warm wishes!!

But then my daughter proceeds to tell me that her ex-boyfriend's Aunt left her a VERY nasty comment on Facebook. You see, my 18 YO daughter and her boyfriend of a year just broke up a few weeks ago. Well, since then his ADULT Aunt has been leaving her nasty comments anytime she updates her status. Which, my husband and I am pretty much ignored because we like the ex and his parents. We have no hard feelings towards them and I hope they feel the same about us. Even though, Katelyn was the one that broke up with him...they are being very civil to one another.

But after the VERY nasty comment she left in Katelyn's page last night (which let me add she deleted after the ex yelled at her for leaving) I LOST it. The Mama Bear in my came out. The only way I knew to get ahold of the Aunt was to send her an email through Facbook, so that was what I did. A very nice email telling her that I didn't appreciate the comment she left on my daughters page and that the break up has been hard on both of them but as the adults I think we all should stay out of it and let them sort things out between themselves. The next thing I know she leaves me a nasty reply and basically said that my daughter was lying, etc. And denied leaving the comment. Are you freaking kidding me!?!?!?

I was being VERY nice and trying to handle things maturely. Well, let me just say after reading that I lost my temper I then blasted her and told her that if she was a big enough woman to leave the nasty comment on my 18 YO daughters page and call her the names that she did that she should be a big woman to admit it and deal with the consequences.

Funny thing is though, even though she deleted the comment it still shows on my daughters cell phone since she has Facebook on it.

So, do you all think I overreacted? Or would you have down the same thing?

I have been trying so hard lately to try to be a better christian, etc. (which BTW, I have tried a new church and I LOVE it) and I know God doesn't like ugly. BUT as a Mother, I felt the need to protect my baby!! Am I wrong?


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

It is so not worth it~shake it off. I would have my daughter delete the Aunt from her list and be done with her. She is not worth the getting your blood pressure up over!
Take a bubble bath and turn it over to God~
I pray tomorrow will be a better day!

April said...

No, I probably would have done the same thing. I agree with the previous commentor...just delete the aunt from her Facebook friends...problem solved!