Friday, September 5, 2008

My name is Carrie and I am a blog addict....

I know, I are asking how can I be a blog addict and I have only posted a few times.

Well, it is not my own blog I am addicted to. It is ALL of yours!! I have a problem...and I think there is some sort of phone number I should be able to call!! LOL!!

Seriously, I have some serious can't get my big butt off the couch after I finally sit down after work so I am getting nothing done around my house blues because I can't seem to pull myself away from my laptop.

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE all of the decorating ideas (and advice) you all have to offer. Especailly the posts with pictures. That's why I am addicted because I enjoy looking at all of your ideas a little too much!!

I sit and gather all of those ideas and think of how I need to decorate this room or change that room. But then thats about as far as it goes...

I think that I REALLY need to start putting some of those ideas and advice to better use.

So here is the million dollar question?

How do you all balance your "blog" time and "home" time? Do you set yourself a certain time limit? Or do you just have more will power than me?

P.S. I have heard a lot about "bloglines" and "google reader". Is that where they tell you when your favorite blogs have been updated? If so, do any of you know how or where I can find these? Maybe they can help me cut back on some of my blog time!!