Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Season of Change...

As I sit around and think about all of the changes that the Fall brings...
~The color of the leaves
~The cool crispness in the air
~The shorts and t- shirts to jeans and sweaters.
~The jack-o-laterns, the candy and the trick or treaters
~The turkey, the dressing and the pumpkin pies

The most important and the biggest change on my mind has to do with something that that my family has be going thru for almost SIX years. You see, to try to make LONG story short (and to spare you all ALOT of details), my husband got injured (his leg was crushed) at work approximately SIX years ago and has be unable to work since.

During this time he has had to have 16 surgeries , MANY hours of physical therapy and much more pain than one person should have to endure. Not to mention the bouts of depression, etc. (on both of our parts). His due to the feeling of helplessness, etc. Mine to the extra pressures of work and home.
So as hard as it was for our lives to be turned upside down and losing a certain sense of security. I am happy to announce my husband was offically released to go back to work and has been a "working man" again for TWO days. And we couldn't be happier!!

Not that working or having a job defines us as humans. We both know that is much deeper than that. But I think we are just so happy to finally have some "closure" to a "not so happy" time in our and our children's lives.
I just keep praying and trusting that God continues to look out for our family...as I know he will!!