Monday, December 28, 2009

Same Ol, Same Ol’…

As you may remember, in my last post, I was talking about New Year’s Resolutions. Well, today at work, while I was working  daydreaming..I was thinking about my “list”. And let’s just say, it keeps GROWING!!

But while I was working daydreaming and thinking about that “list”. I knew one of the number one things was going to be better organization.

And one of the ways I was hoping to get better organized was to come up with some “Daily Blog Topics”. I just feel that my blog tends to be boring. Same ol’, same ol’. And whenever I feel that I don’t have anything interesting to blog about..I generally won’t blog. And I really rather not do that!!…

So, I think I am going to start having a “Daily Blog Topic”, Such as..

MONDAY-Menu Planning Mondays

TUESDAYS-Taking Care Of Me Tuesdays (i.e., diet, etc..more on this resolution later)

WEDNESDAYS-Wood Shop Wednesdays

THURSDAYS-Tour My Home Thursdays

FRIDAY-Food Friday

SATURDAY-Sewing Room Saturdays (i.e. crafts, etc..another resolution) 

So, what do you think?  How do you come up with fresh new blog topics? Or do you all feel that same way I do? …


Nichole said...

I'm the same as you and my blog has taken a big hit the past few months because of it. I feel like what I have to say or show doesn't compare to other blogs out there (not that it's a competition or anything) so why would people be interested in my blog?

I think your ideas are great! Maybe I'll try something like that too til I get back into blogging more regularly (if you don't mind me "borrowing" your idea). :o)

american girl primitives said...

I think this sounds like a great idea. I haven't done it because I'm afraid I'll run out of ideas.