Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ooopps!! I made a blogging "boo boo"!! I tried to do a GOOD thing Monday night. I was off work today (Tuesday, Nov. 11th) in celebration of Veteran's Day. So, I figured last night while my husband was at his Monday night dart league, my daughter was at work and my son was playing his new Call of Duty video game with his buddy, I would "catch up" and type up a few new posts all at one time.

Well, come to find out what ever date you type up your new posts is the date that is listed on your posts no matter what day you actually publish them.

So, for all TWO of you that actaully read my blog and are wondering why I have FOUR FIVE posts all under yesterdays date...now you know why!!!!{{{BLUSH!!!}}}.

Oh, the joys of being a newbie blogger!!!! LOL!!


Scrapper Mom said...

Thats ok. I wont hold it against you! lol.

Carrie said...

it's fine! The dip sounds delish ;)