Friday, February 13, 2009

Family Night

As some of you with teens may know, finding the time that everybody is home at the same time is very far and few between. Well, believe it or not, tonight we are having "Family Night" in our house. I am SO excited!!

Being the Mom of TWO teens, I miss the Friday nights of our past where we would all eat dinner, snuggle and watch a movie or play a game. And thanks to my daughter's boyfriend being out of town (hee hee!! Sorry Matt!!) and all of her "girls" having to work she is actually going to grace us with her presence this evening.

So after having Mexian Chicken (YUMMO!!) for dinner we will be playing the Wii. Which Wii I mean WE (hee hee!!) just purchased last night at Sam's having never played a Wii ever before this may end up being a very comical night!!

****OOPS!! I almost forgot...I won an awesome giveaway over at Straight From The Heart. Thanks again April!! I am SOOOO excited!!****


Farmchick said...

Have fun playing the Wii--I love playing! Happy Valentine's Day!

CozyCoops Corner said...

Have a fun night Carrie and a great Valentine's day tomorrow !

Pam said...

Hope you had a great family night. The Wii is addicting!