Friday, January 2, 2009

One, Two, Three Strikes Your Out!!!!!

***WARNING WHINY POST***But ALL comments and advice welcomed!!

Ok, Ok...I PROMISED myself this year was "our year". It is supposed to be my family's year of positive changes. Fresh new starts, fresh new additudes!! So I hate to admit this, but so far I am not convinced it is (or will be). Well, at least not after today....

It started off OK, I guess. A typical work day. But shortly after arriving to work today, I received an email from my boss regarding an error made on my part last week. Of course, I think it is a "silly" error. But WHAT.EVER!!!! An error is an error, none the less!! Of course after he originally asked me about it he started joking with me to "get my boxes ready", etc.

I know he was trying to make light of the situation, but the error was and still is bothering me. I am literally still sitting here (hours later, I might add) with a knot in my stomach. You see, I am not sure who is all aware of the error and I guess I am afraid that management may call me in on it whenever they all get back from vacation on Monday. Of course, my boss said nothing to this effect but being the paranoid loony bird I can be sometimes, I am worried!!

Not that I think I will lose my job but in this day and age you never know. And I have been there to long to try to start over now!! But I think what is really sad about all of this is, that I wish I wouldn't have to work!! And that if or when they call me in on it I could just tell them where to shove their job. You know just like the songs goes...'take this job and shove it!!' I know this doesn't make much sense does it!?!?! I hate my job, but I am afraid to lose it!!

But you see, due to unforseen circumstances (my husband being injured at work and having to be on Workmen's Compensation for almost the past 6 years)I was the only one working up until about 3 months ago. So, I am the sole provider of our family's Medical / Dental even though I long EVERYDAY to be a stay at home Mom, it just isn't possible at the moment. So needless to say, I REALLY need my job!! So, please pray for me that this little "mistake" will all blow over!!

There was STRIKE ONE against the new year. Not to big of a deal right!?!?!?

Now on to STRIKE TWO...

So, around 12:00pm I am sitting at my desk trying to recover from STRIKE ONE and my phone rings. It is my my 17 YO daughter "Miss Priss" calling to tell me that she thinks that my 15 YO son "Muscles" has broken his ankle. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? You see, what I left out regarding hubby's "Big Daddy's" accident at work is that he had his ankle and leg crushed at work. So for the last 6 or so years he has endured 16 surgeries (one being a complete ankle fusion) and still needs at least two more (knee replacements) and is still not much better. So of all bones for "Muscles" to break his ankle was the LAST one I wanted to hear!! But guess what....after HOURS in the ER, it is definitely broke and he sees the Orthopetic Surgeon on Monday!!

Yipee...STRIKE TWO!!

So now, as I am sitting here typing this, I have to wonder when will STRIKE THREE happen!! When will the next ball drop!! I just have to wonder no matter how much I pray and try to stay this really going to be "our year"!?!?!? Because quite frankly, with all of "Big Daddy's" surgeries, the passing of my MIL, the heartache and depression that both of these brought into our home and other obstacles this family has had endure in 2008, I am not sure how much more heartache this family can handle in 2009!!

I know, I know. I can't look at things this way. But it is SO hard sometimes to stay upbeat and positive. Especially when others around you aren't. So in saying all of this...tomorrow is a new day. A day of fresh start, new beginnings. Let's just cross our fingers that it won't include any errors at work (espically since I am off!! LOL!!) or broken ankles!!

Anyway, on a lighter note...tomorrow is my cousin's wedding. Which should be a lot of fun!! But I guess with "Muscles" ankle and "Big Daddy" not feeling well, it will be just me and "Miss Priss" going. A Girl's Night!! Maybe just what the doctored ordered!!


Rick said...

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Nichole said...

I am a horrible worrier too. Well, with a rough start to the year maybe it'll be easier to see the good (???).

Hope your son is feeling ok.

Scrapper Mom said...

Carrie, I'm so sorry you're having a rough start. I'm sure things will get better. Sit back, relax and Count to Ten!! lol. I'll be thinkin' bout ya! Hope things are ok with the ankle.

Lori said...

HEY Carrie Girl~~~

Can I just say that I can SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relate!! LOL!! I think that you are ready actually beyond ready for a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!

But, first..BREATHE!!!!

Things WILL get better they say that things happen in 3's right!! So, hey your done for the year!!

Hang in there..........!!!

Many blessings to you.........

Erin said...

I am sorry about your start to the new year. I hope things improve for you! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Carol said...

I did a blog search for "broken ankle" to see if anyone's going through what I am, and found that we have more in common than a broken ankle (which YOU don't even have!) -- like working mom of older kids.

Keep your chin up; it could be worse! (That's my own mantra lately...)