Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heavenly Rhythm

Aren't these two girls some of the prettiest girls you have ever seen?? They are my cousins Kristen (the one on the left) and Holly (the one on the right).

Some of you may remember me mentioning the other day that I was going to my cousins wedding. Well, it was for my cousin Kristen. And as beautiful of a day it was for her, it was also a sad one. You see, back on August 13th, 2005, we all lost my cousin Holly in a tragic jet skiing accident.

But no matter how much heartache and despair Holly's death has brought my Aunt, Uncle and cousins (they also have a brother Matt) they are the strongest and most positive people I have ever met. They not only have faith in their Lord, but also in one another.

Not only was Holly an inspiration to all during her time here on earth. But she continues to bring us all such joy, inspiration and faith in God. She was not only passionate about her faith while she was here with us but passionate about life as well. She was an excellent student, she played volleyball and was an avid dancer....it was her passion!!

As well as it was Kristen's passion...so a few years ago as Kristen was in college and trying to figure out what direction she wanted to take with her career. She turned to her biggest inspiration....Holly. And that was when she decidd to open up her dance studio, Heavenly Rhythm, in honor of her sister and best friend Holly Reeb.

HR=Holly Reeb
HR=Heavenly Rhythm

So just remember even when we may be in our darkest hour and we may question why God may do the things he does...it is thru him, our faith and our greastest inspirations that we find hope!!

In Loving Memory Holly Reeb January 28th, 1989 - August 13th, 2005


Farmchick said...

Holly sounds like she was a wonderful person. I am sorry for your loss but so glad that you have such wonderful memories to share.

Picket said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dear cousin..I am so sorry for you family's loss but I am so thankful for the faith and strength as they give honor to this beautiful young girl who has left so much life & love in them...thanks for coming by gril and thanks for all the great info you gave me...have a great week sweetie!

April said...

Hi Carrie!

I came across your blog by way of Carrie's Little World...so glad I did! Holly was a beautiful young woman...so sorry she was taken so soon. Find comfort in all the times you got to share with her. Keep the faith!!!

Sarah said...

I am so sorry for your loss--I am thankful for her life and the impact it has had on those around her!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving some input to the baby naming!!!

Gigi said...

It's hard to understand such tragedies, but how wonderful that your family had a joyous event to celebrate this year. I know your cousin Holly will never be forgotten. Her life, however brief, touched so many.