Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wood Shop Wednesdays

Welcome to “Wood Shop Wednesday”!! This is where I will be sharing with all of you the wonderful Prim creations that my husband makes for me. (And that we have been considering trying to sell.wink, wink!! LOL!!)

Here is a little “Pouting Chair” that he made for me this past week. Granted, it isn’t totally completed. It still needs  a little extra TLC (i.e.  sanding and staining). But whenever this baby is finished, I have the perfect stop for it. The colors are an Olive Green and Rust. And it will look “Perfectly Prim” in my living room.

BTW, please don’t mind the quality of pics. I just ran down to the garage to take these and lets just is a little COLD out there!! LOL!!


basketsnprims said...

If you ever decide to sell these, please let me know. I really want one. You wouldn't even have to finish it, I would paint it, sand it, and wax it.

Never So Simple said...

I love it can't wait to see it completed.