Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Baby...Is No Longer A Baby!!

Good Evening Ladies!! Just wanted to throw out another heartfelt thanks to everybody that has put up with my whining and crying lately.

I know that my last few posts have not been the most postive or uplifting and for that I want to apoligize. You all will be glad to know, that I have decided I am going to stop complaining and try to get back to my normal positive, upbeat self.

So, in saying that...I would like to share a few of the POSITIVE things that have been happening in my world in the past few weeks.

And one of those things was "Muscles" celebrating his 16th Birthday back on the 9th of July.
Look at him....look at my beautiful baby boy!?!?! And the best part is that he has a beautiful heart and personality to go along with it!!

Love ya "Muslces" more than life itself!! You make your Mama proud!! ♥


wrcdgc said...

My baby girl turned 16 on the 9th as well. They are never to big for cake are they? :)


Nichole said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Those are some cool candles on his cake :o)