Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yard Work, Yard Work and MORE Yard Work!!

OMGoodness, Ladies!! Sorry for the absence, but I feel like all we have been doing lately is yard work, yard work and MoRe yard work!!

For the past two weekends we have been coming home on Friday night after work and working in the yard pretty much non-stop. Well, except for last Sunday afternoon when we treated ourselves to a trip to the pool that we belong to.

We have weeded, planted flowers, laid mulch, re-did Koi pond and even re-did our re-do of the Koi pond. And that was just last weekend. So far, this weekend we have painted, cut the grass, went and picked up and loaded FOUR huge truckloads of flagstone and now we are getting ready (after "Big Daddy" takes a little "baby nap") to go back out and start laying flagstones in our fire pit area.

Hopefully we will be finished soon....because the inside of my house has been neglected the past few weekends. Even though, "Miss Priss" has been helping me out and trying to keep things "picked up" during the day. Which I TOTALLY ApPrEcIaTe!! Not to mention the fact that my back is killing me and I am tired of spending my weekends doing this kind of stuff. I am telling you it is times like this that I either wish there was more time in the day or that I didn't have to work outside of the home full-time so I had more time during the week. Too much to do and not enough time to do it!!

You maybe wondering why we are killing ourselves trying to finish all of these projects now...well, we are trying to get ready for "Miss Priss'" Graduation party on the 27th. Nothing like some added pressure. It's the ultimate motivator. LOL!!

Anyway, just thought I would take a little "blog break" while "Big Daddy" was napping but I promise to be back soon with not only some pics of my Prim projects but some of our yard. Hey, maybe that is what I will start our "Tour My Home Thursdays" with...the yard. Like Heather's Stitches suggested we could start with the entry way. And what is the first thing you see before the entry way? The outside. Makes sense to me!! LOL!!


Here goes my life said...

I cant wait to get started working in our yard. My DH is leveling the yard today and they are here moving dirt and left over cement from the old house.Then we can start planting grass seed and maybe a few plants.Yippee!We have plans for a fire pit also.We had our sons party last weekend.There's nothing like a party to get you motivated.I always feel that everything has to be perfect.My son and his friends could care less.As long as there is food and drink,they are happy,LOL!Have a great weekend!:0)Sherri

The Whites said...

We've been doing the same thing, but we've been working on boring, practical stuff not fun, pretty stuff like you! We built a dog yard for our lab and I finished staining the outside of our screened porch. I'm ready to relax!